Bible Bytes

The Christian needs daily ammunition from God’s Word to combat evil and triumph in the struggle with sin. Realizing this, the Cornerstone Baptist Church decided to provide believers with bite sized portions of God’s Word on a daily basis to equip them to swim against the currents of worldly pressures. As a result, the Bible Bytes ministry began from October 2017. Short sermons that span 2 or 3 minutes are recorded and relayed to hundreds of listeners through WhatsApp contacts and groups every morning. An initiative that was launched to encourage Church members to start their day with a reflection from God’s Word has now grown to reach believers across borders and boundaries. Making use of the advanced communication technology available to people today, the Bible Bytes ministry serves as a call to believers to cling to the Word of God and be the salt and light in a dying world.

Date Ref
2019-10-14 Psalm 26 V 7
2019-10-12 Psalm 26 V 6
2019-10-11 Psalm 26 V 4-5
2019-10-10 Psalm 26 V2-3
2019-10-09 Psalm 26 V1
2019-10-08 Unanswered prayers 5
2019-10-07 Unanswered prayers 4

Sermons by Pastor Joshua Edwin

At the Cornerstone Baptist Church we believe in learning Scripture in its context and understanding the God-intended meaning of the text. For this purpose, expository sermons based on the truth are preached by Pas. Joshua Edwin during worship services on Sunday mornings and in weekly Bible Studies. Books of the Bible are thoroughly studied, without ignoring any portion of the text. Life applications are drawn after each study to make the message relevant for today and to empower believers to learn the truth and obey it. The Epistles of John and the Prophecy of Isaiah were studied from 2013 to 2017. At present we are studying the Gospel of Luke. Click here to listen to audio recordings of sermons.

Milk and Meat

Milk and Meat is the weekly newsletter of the Cornerstone Baptist Church, launched a short while after Pas. Joshua Edwin began to conduct English services at the Tamil Baptist Church, Kellys. The name ‘Milk and Meat’ suggests that each issue is intended to feed believers in the Church and outside with the milk and meat of God’s word besides disseminating information on Church activities and events. The newsletter was initially a monthly issue but from 2013, Milk and Meat became a weekly issue to give regular updates on sermons which would help nurture a believer’s walk with God.

Date Topic Ref
2019-10-13 The Lord’s Prayer Doxology Matthew 6:13
2019-10-06 Youth Sunday Exodus 20:12
2019-09-29 Lead us not into temptation Luke 11:4/Matt. 6:13
2019-09-22 Forgiveness Luke 11:3-4/Ma. 6:12-15
2019-09-15 Give us each day our daily bread Luke 11:3
2019-09-08 Your Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven Matthew 6:10
2019-09-01 Your Kingdom Come Luke 11:2
2019-08-25 Hallowed be Your Name Luke 11: 2
2019-08-18 Our Father Luke 11:1-2
2019-08-11 First Things First – Mary and Martha Luke 10: 38-42
2019-08-04 The Good Samaritan Luke 10: 25-37
2019-07-28 Pulpit Update Luke 10:10-24
2019-07-21 Ministry Instructions Luke 10:1-9
2019-07-14 Three Prospective Followers Luke 9:57-62
2019-07-07 Youth Sunday Psalm 27
2019-06-30 Lessons from John 21 ...
2019-06-23 Deficiencies in the Disciples Luke 9: 46 - 56
2019-06-16 Jesus heals a demon possessed boy Luke 9: 37- 45
2019-06-09 The Transfiguration Luke 9: 28-36
2019-06-02 Sermon By Bro. Jackson Ramans 1:16-17
2019-05-26 THE WORD OF GOD –The Centre of a Believer’s life Ps. 119:97-104
2019-05-19 Cost of Discipleship Luke 9:18-27
2019-05-12 ... ...
2019-05-05 The Feeding of the Five Thousand Luke 9:10-17
2019-04-28 Resurrection Sunday I Peter 1:3-5
2019-04-21 ... Luke 9: 1-9
2019-04-14 Miracle within a Miracle (Part 2) Luke 8:40-42/49-56
2019-04-07 Youth Sunday Psalm 51
2019-03-31 Miracle within a Miracle (Part 1) Luke 8:40-48
2019-03-24 Jesus Heals a Demoniac Luke 8: 26-39
2019-03-17 .... Luke 8: 22-25
2019-03-10 .. Luke 8: 16-21
2019-03-03 The Parable of the Soil Luke 8:4-15
2019-02-24 Responsibility of Members towards their Pastor --
2019-02-17 Problems of the Church and Power for the Church 1 Cor. 12:12-31
2019-02-10 How to Listen to a Sermon Luke 8:18
2019-02-03 The Church and Christ Eph. 5:23-32
2019-01-27 Message by Pas.John MacDonald ...
2019-01-20 Duties of Church Members towards each other --
2019-01-13 The Responsibilities of a Church Member --
2019-01-06 Friend of God James 4:1-10